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Vol. 2, No. 1 (Jan - Mar, 2016)



Individual Articles for Vol. 2, No. 1

PDF Causal Nexus between Growth and Savings in India: Using Nonlinear Causality Approach
          Suresh Kumar Patra & Arfat Ahmad Sofi

PDF Smallholder Farmers’ Levels of Adaptive Capacity to Climate Change and Variability in Manyoni District, Tanzania
          Andrew Omari Shirima, Christopher Mahonge & Emmanuel Chingonikaya

PDF Molding the Enablers of Corporate Sustainability Using Total Interpretive Structural Modeling
          Nitin Simha Vihari & M.K. Rao

PDF Assessment Study among Urban Elderly: A Medico-Social Approach
          Sribas Goswami

PDF Using Altman Z-Score to Assess the Financial Effects of Multiple Loans on SMEs
          Galinoma Lubawa & Paul Louangrath

Vol. 2, No. 2 (Apr - Jun, 2016)



Individual Articles for Vol. 2, No. 2

PDF Role of Human Development and Governance in Foreign Direct Investment in the Post Reform Era: The Case of Tanzania
          Paudel, Ramesh

PDF Small Holder’s Perception towards Gender Inequitable Practices at Household Level in Arumeru District, Tanzania
          Ngoteya, G.B. & Sikira, A.N.

PDF Valuation Methods of Landscape
          Fadel, Djamel

PDF The Role of Audit Committee in Corporate Governance: A Descriptive Study
Al-Baidhani, Ahmed Mohsen

PDF The Potential Scenarios of the Impacts of Climate Change on Egyptian Resources and Agricultural Plant Production
          Soliman, Sarhan

PDF The Influence of China on Major Stock Markets
          Louangrath, P.

Vol. 2, No. 3 (Jul - Sep, 2016)



Individual Articles for Vol. 2, No. 3

PDF Measuring the Effect of Rural Housing Support on Agricultural Activity: A Panel-Data Analysis for Ain M'lila Province
Benzouai, M. C.

PDF Value of Accounting Numbers and Analysts’ Forecast Errors
          Akintoye, I.R., Jayeoba, O.O., Ajibade A.T., Olayinka, I.M., & Kwarbai, J.

PDF Bio-Qualitative Estimation of Diffused Air Pollution of a City in North-Eastern Algeria by Using Epiphytic Lichens
          Fadel, D., Hadjoudja, N., Badouna, B.E.& Djamaï, R.

PDF Analysis Economic of Development and Efficiency of Intra-Trade in Arab Free Trade Area
          Soliman, S.A. & Khalifa, M. M.

PDF Credit Risk Assessment for Commercial Loans
          Louangrath, P. & Vongsilpawattana, W.

Vol. 2, No. 4 (Oct - Dec, 2016)



Individual Articles for Vol. 2, No. 4

PDF Safety of Plant Cosmetic Raw Materials
Barbara Sawicka, Talal Saeed Hameed, Ali Hulail Noaema & Anna Kiełtyka-Dadasiewicz

PDF Consideration on National Security Threat and its Financial Dimension
          Grzegorz Waszkiewicz

PDF Knowledge and Attitude of Male Employees towards Paternity Leave in Iringa Municipality, Tanzania
Agnes S. Nzali & Frank Philipo

PDF International Media: A Semiotic Look at the Changes and Interactions Proposed by Netflix
          Rieri de Oliveira Frugieri & Naiá Sadi Câmara

PDF Politics and the Environment: A discursive analysis to develop a potential contribution to sustainable development 
          Dionéia Motta Monte-Serrat & Bashkim Mal Lushaj

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