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Vol. 3, No. 1 (Jan - Mar, 2017)



Individual Article for Vol., 3, No. 1

PDF Beyond the Decisions-Making: The Psychic Determinants of Conduct and Economic Behavior
          Dante Roberto Salatino

PDF Green Supply Chain Practices on Corporate Sustainability Performance: An Empirical Study
          Nitin Simha Vihari & Himani Binjola

PDF Economic Valuation of Rural Wetlands in Bangladesh: A Case Study of the Padma Beel of Pabna
          Ayub Ali and Syed Naimul Wadood

PDF Gap between Expectation and Convenience of Open Access Public Toilets in Dhaka: A Cross Sectional Investigation
          Syed Billal Hossain, Russell Kabir, Md. Shahjahan, Alauddin Chowdhury & S. M. Yasir Arafat

PDF Neurogame: An Alternative and Complementary Method in the Teaching and Learning Process of Neuroanatomy
          Ribeiro, F.S., Soares, B.O., Santos, I.F., & Da Silva Júnior, E.X.

Vol. 3, No. 2 (Apr - Jun, 2017)



Individual Articles for Vol. 3, No. 2

PDF Beyond the Decisions-Making II: Methodological Aspects
          Salatino, D. R.

PDF Tanzania under Dependency and Neoliberalism periods: Examination of Economic Theories since Independence
          Mandalu, M., Thakhathi, D.R., & Costa H.

PDF The Inequities in Health Shaped by Political Forces: A Critical View
          Monte-Serrat, D.M., Kabir, R. & Arafat, Yasir, S.M.

PDF An Extended Meaning of the Concept of ‘Public Space’: A Semiotic Analysis of French ‘Burqa Affair’
          Arêas, Camila

PDF Awareness and Attitude towards Public Pension: A Case of Informal Workers at Saba saba Market in Dodoma Municipality, Tanzania
          James, S., Hauli , E. & Mosha, P.

PDF Knowledge and Attitudes of Male Employees towards Paternity Leave in Iringa Municipality, Tanzania
          Nzali, A.S. & Philipo, F.

PDF Thailand 4.0 Readiness
          Louangrath, P.I.

Vol. 3, No. 3 (Jul - Sep, 2017)


Individual Articles for Vol. 3, No. 3

PDF Transcurssive Logic as Method
          Salatino, D. R.

PDF Subject and Time Movement in the Virtual Reality
          Monte-Serrat, D.M. and Belgacem, F.B.M.

PDF The Map and the Universe: The Work of Maurits Cornelis Escher from a Cultural-Historical Approach
          Masera, G.A., Vasquez, M.G., and Salatino, D. R.

PDF Implantation Failure
          Tersoglio, A. E., and Salatino, D.R.

PDF Minimum Sample Size Method Based on Survey Scales
          Louangrath, P.I.

PDF Quasi-Tautologies: The Case of the Birch Moth
          Cuadrado, G. and Salatino, D.R.

Vol. 3, No. 4 (Oct - Dec, 2017)



Individual Articles for Vol. 3, No. 4

PDF Language Production – First Part
          Salatino, D. R.

PDF Decision Making: The Complexity of Choice Processes
          Monte-Serrat, D.M., Belgacem, F.B.M., and Maldonato, M.

PDF Barriers and solution for better investment climate in Nepal
          Paudel, Ramesh and Gopal P. Tiwari

PDF Millennials age group and income levels among domestic tourists
          Mkwizu, K. and Matama, R.

PDF Revised Human Development Index
          Louangrath, P.I.

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