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Vol. 4, No. 1 ( Jan - Mar 2018)



Individual Articles: Vol. 4, No. 1

PDF Language Production Second Part
          Salatino, D. R.

PDF Financing Preference for MSMEs in Rural Tanzania
          Lubawa, Galinoma, Shirima, Andrew & Nandonde, Felix Adamu

PDF A Perfect world? Risks and Threats in the Information Society
          Gustavo A. Masera & Javier Ulises Ortiz

PDF Reliability and Validity of Survey Scales
          Louangrath, P. I.

PDF Direct and Indirect Tests for Randomness
          Sutanapong, Chanoknath


Vol. 4, No. 2 ( Apr - Jun 2018)



Individual Articles: Vol. 4, No. 2

PDF Language Acquisition Part 1 of 3
          Salatino, D. R.

PDF Is Location a competitive advantage on retail convenience shopping?
          Wilbard, J.G., Mbilinyi, B.D., Maliva, N.S. and Mkwizu, K.H.

PDF Quality of Message and Knowledge of TV programs amongst First Time and Repeat Visitors by Domestic Tourists to National Parks
          Mkwizu, K. H., and Mhache, E.P.

PDF An Assessment of Water Poverty Indices in the Context of Climate Change: A Study of Selected Climate Vulnerable Developing Countries
          Chattapadhya. S. and Islam, A.K.M.N.

PDF Productivity Effect from Investing in Human Capital - Part 1 of 2
          Louangrath, P.I.


Vol. 4, No. 3 (Jul - Sep, 2018)


  PDF Language acquisition Part 2 of 3
    Genetic Typology of Human Natural Language. Hidden Colors Theory
      Salatino, D. R.
  PDF Using pValue to Measure Significance Level of Continuous Data
      Louangrath, P.I.
  PDF Mandatory Disclosures and Investment Decisions in Consumer Goods Sector of Nigerian Economy
      Siyanbola, T. T., Enyi, E. P., Adegbie, F. F., and Nwaobia, A. N.
  PDF Residents' Perception of Seafood as a Tourism Product
      Maliva, Nelly S., 
      Wilbard, Juliana G., 
      Mbilinyi, Bahati D., 
      Massawe, Donatus P. and 
      Mkwizu, Kezia H.
  PDF ASEAN Economic Community: A Case Study of Failed Economic Integration
      Louangrath, P.I. and Sutanapong, Chanoknath


Vol. 4, No. 4 (Oct - Dec, 2018)


    PDF Language acquisition Part 3 of 3:
      Language Universals Lexical Contextures Sociocultural Heritage
        Salatino, D.R.
    PDF Financial Development and Economic Nexus in Nigeria: 
      The Role of the Stock Market
        Ogbebor, Peter Ifeanyi, and Trimisiu Tunji
    PDF Social Capital and Financial Services:
      A Study of SMEs in the Manufacturing Sector in Tanzania
        Mkwizu, K.H., Swai, T.A. and  Monametsi, G.L.
    PDF Neuron as an electric PAU
        Salatino, D. R.; Puglesi, A. E.
    PDF Selfie and Marketing of Domestic Tourism
        Mkwizu, K.H., and Mtae, H.G.
    PDF The Impact of Human Capital on Access to Financial Services for SMEs:
      A comparative Study of Botswana and Tanzania
        Monametsi, G.L., Mkwizu, K.H., and Swai, T. A.
    PDF Validity and Reliability of Survey Scales
        Louangrath, P.I. and Sutanapong, C.


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